Cloud Adoption Services

Today, CyberNX works with many leading enterprises in India to adopt cloud securely, achieve compliance, monitor security, and deploy internal or public applications on public cloud platforms. We help customers to architect the cloud environment according to security best practices, meet compliance standards, set up monitoring systems and audit trails.

Considering the AWS security expertise CyberNX team have achieved over a period of time, it was the right time for the organization to partner with us, as AWS Partner we offer the services to a wider customer base. Through the partnership, CyberNX intends to offer additional services such as cloud adoption, cloud migration and managed services apart from the current cloud security services portfolio.

CyberNX AWS Services

Infrastructure Services

  • - Cloud Adoption Consulting
  • - AWS Migration Services
  • - Cloud Managed Services

Cloud Security Services

  • - Cloud Security Consulting
  • - AWS Cloud Security Architecture
  • - AWS Cloud Security Audit

Our Team at CyberNX is very excited to work with AWS to help enterprises in their cloud adoption strategy. We are confident that our experience and expertise in AWS will help many organisations to securely move to cloud and build compelling user experiences and exciting projects on AWS cloud platform.

Let us do the heavy-lifting for you

Adoption of the cloud is a journey and not a one-time approach. With our cloud computing services, we help you evaluate IaaS, PaaS and SaaS cloud computing solution options by outlining the key considerations including pros, cons and risks.

No matter where you are in your cloud journey, MSP247 Team brings the experience based perspective, tools, and structure necessary to help you develop and execute your cloud migration strategy


Our Cloud Adoption Framework

Our Cloud Adoption Framework is a proven methodology to ensure a successful move. Designed to accelerate your migration and reduce risk, our phased approach combined with AWS Well-Architected design principles provides a plan to help you execute and measure success along the way.

  • Understand business drivers
  • Define goals and objectives
  • Identify security and governance requirements
  • Cloud cost analysis
  • Build a plan and review next steps
  • Application rationalization and infrastructure review
  • Identify and remediate security controls
  • Identify applications for initial migration
  • Develop preliminary architecture design
  • Create success criteria
  • Build a framework for the minimum viable cloud solution
  • Rapid AWS setup
  • Create reference architecture
  • Validate economic model
  • Test against success criteria
  • Create internal migration team
  • Implement security and governance framework
  • Deploy infrastructure and processes
  • Application and data migration and cutover
  • Review implementation design document and knowledge transfer
  • Configuration automation and DevOps enablement
  • Disaster recovery and contingency planning
  • Managed service readiness
  • Ensure audit readiness for compliance
  • Cloud governance and cost management

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