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From Digital Transformation to Security Chaos

Cloud migration is now a core component of many organizations’ digital strategies. Organizations are now shifting legacy applications running on-premises or new age applications on cloud rapidly. While shifting the applications to the cloud, organizations inherent risks due to lack of awareness on maintaining security and following best practices. Businesses must take a holistic view to understand each step in the digital transformation or cloud migration strategy, the threats and the in-place security controls, as well as the cloud security & compliance very clearly.

The migration of data to the cloud can be advantages and may help to solve some problems but it may also introduce new problems. Cloud Security is not just about implementing controls within Cloud Environment but also ensuring all associated aspects like Policies, Processes, People with proper governance structure in place.

CyberNX is helping organisations achieve Cloud Security Maturity with a unique consulting approach.

Cloud Security Engagement Approach

CyberNX considers that not just technical controls but also governance practices are important in building a good cloud security practice. During our consulting engagement, we take multiple aspects such as cloud management, governance, application security etc.

Cloud Security Consulting Services

CyberNX helps organisations to adopt cloud securely, achieve compliance, monitor security, and deploy internal or public applications on public cloud platforms such as AWS, Microsoft Azure or GCP. We help customers to architect the cloud environment according to security best practices, meet compliance standards, set up monitoring systems and audit trails.

CyberNX specialises in implementing Cloud Service Provider’s best practices, ISO 27001, NIST or CCSK based controls to safely adopt and maintain Cloud Infrastructure, enable DevSecOps. We help our clients to build security and compliance monitoring matrix, build a vulnerability and threat management program and automate security tasks in Cloud environment.

CyberNX Cloud Security Model (CCSM)

CyberNX’s CCSM is a comprehensive cloud security model built based on our professional’s continuous experience in building and managing cloud security operations.

CCSM focuses on all round security model, not just controls within the cloud environment but also associated aspects such as third party risk management, human resources. CCSM helps our clients to fast track journey to the cloud and meet its implement security and compliance requirements at a rapid pace.

Cloud Security Audit Services

Many customers already have adopted cloud and a large part of their infrastructure is on the cloud. We help customers to audit their cloud infrastructure and risk applicable to the cloud adoption strategy. The services are also designed to help customers to implement best practices related to cloud adoption and train the team members in using the security tools and products appropriately.

We combine automated and manual testing methods along with deep inspection of the governance framework to manage the cloud infrastructure and applications. The audit helps the organisations to compare the cloud adoption against the best practices and global standards.

Cloud Security Training

Cloud service providers have implemented many tools and features in their offering. We help customers to adopt these services and train the internal teams to use these tools appropriately. The training programs are designed to provide a real-life simulation and hands-on training to the team members.

The training program is focussed on a practical approach to implementing cloud security using native tools rather than adopting implementing expensive management tools.

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