Security Tools Monitoring, Management

Organisation's invest in expensive security tools and technologies however it is important to ensure that they are configured and managed appropriately. Maintaining best practices and health of the tool is very important for getting the best value from the tools. CyberNX remote services help customers to manage or monitor the security infrastructure or tools continuously.

  • Continuous monitoring of Tools
  • Trained team members
  • Established processes, practices
  • Incident alerts, management
  • Regular reporting and reviews
  • Lower TCO due to remote model

Remote Vulnerability, Web Security Monitoring

As organisations are continuously building and deploying web facing assets. It is important to maintain the security of the assets. How do we ensure that the assets are securely configured, patched and security of the assets are maintained as per best practices? CyberNX's remote vulnerability program for web facing assets helps the organisations to monitor the public assets continuously at a very low cost.

  • Continuously scan public assets
  • Detect vulnerabilities & report
  • Ability to deep scan web vulnerabilities and identify issues
  • Established tools & techniques
  • Dedicated team members

Brand Risk Monitoring

Today many organisations are facing issues related to fake websites, domain names registered. Many of the frauds committed today are related to fake sites or domains. Hence creating digital assets online also requires adequate protection and monitoring of possible abuse. The service helps to continuously monitor the brand risks an organisation is facing.

  • Detect abuse of domains, fake sites or mobile apps
  • Scan for credential leaks
  • Detect misconfigured infrastructure
  • Report the risks continuously

CyberNX Managed Services in a Nut Shell

Prevent Exposures

Continuously scan your infrastructure applications from the internet from vulnerabilities. Option to run scans daily or weekly.

Digital Risks

Monitor your brand, fake sites, applications, leaked credentials etc. Detect brand abuse before it becomes a major issue.

Secure Infrastructure

Security tools must be implemented and configured appropriately. Applying best practices on infrastructure and applications.

Monitor Cloud

Continuously scan your cloud infrastructure for finding vulnerabilities or misconfigurations. Monitor Cloud misconfigurations to prevent misuse.

Improve Awareness

Employees are often targeted to get inside an organization. They are considered as the weakest link. We must continuously train and communicate about the latest threats.


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