Simple and reliable backup services to store your data in the cloud. We provide you a choice of storing your data in AWS tiered storage with a strong encryption of your data – in transit and at rest.

Restoring data using native method is tedious and time consuming task, with optimized restore method we provide you quick restore of volume and files. At 0.05$ per GB of stored data per month, EBS snapshots may seem inexpensive however, If you have 100 or long data retention for backup policy this cost will quickly start to mount. Our backup snapshot solution enables you to save data directly to S3 with policy to move data to Glacier.

Disaster Recovery as a Service

Get a jump start in your disaster recovery roll-out without incurring the infrastructure expense of a second AWS Account. We provide a set of cloud-based disaster recovery services on AWS

All Features

Automated Backups
Flexible policies and schedules (including backup for Amazon S3)
Capture + Clone VPC
Protect your infrastructure and recover everything —including VPC
Cross-Account Backup & DR
Protect your data from account vulnerabilities like Ransomware
Alerts and Reporting
Get alerts by email or Amazon SNS and generate custom reports
Archive to Glacier
Stay compliant at a lower cost by archiving to Glacier / Deep Archive
Zero EBS Snapshot
Set your EBS snapshots to delete immediately when archiving to S3
File-Level Recovery
Restore individual files and folders, or entire volumes and instances
Create Recovery Scenarios
Schedule automated DR drills the same way you’d schedule a policy
Encryption Key Support
You can use custom encryption keys for disaster recovery (DR)
Use the CLI and our RESTful API to integrate custom apps or services
Cost Explorer
Use Cost Explorer to monitor EBS backup spend from the dashboard
Scalable Worker Instances
Intelligent worker instances that scale to fit the size of the snapshot
Get application-consistent backups for your databases in AWS
Active in AWS GovCloud
MSP247 Backup & Recovery fully supports all AWS GovCloud regions
CloudFormation Template
Easily install MSP247 Backup & Recovery with CloudFormation
Resource Control
Start or stop non-critical instances on demand or on a set schedule
Cost Savings
See real-time cost savings in your dashboard to benchmark success
Custom Tag Schema
Automatically add resources to policies by using custom tags
Rapid 1-Click Restore
Recover from any outage or failure with 1-click restore in 30 seconds
Cross-Region Backup & DR
Keep backups in a separate region for maximum data protection
Designed for Multi-Tenancy
Your “single pane of glass” to easily manage thousands of accounts
Archive to Amazon S3
Gain control of your data with automated archiving policies
Amazon S3 Bucket Sync
Sync object storage from one S3 bucket to another automatically

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