Cyber Security Training

Security Trainings are very important to prepare an organisations workforce to protect from today’s risks. Our Cyber Security eLearning system is aimed to provide standard or customised and relevant Cyber Security training programs to the client's employees, consultants, third parties engaged in their environment. The online eLMS bases security training is designed to deliver quick training to a large number of people.

  • Customisable training content for Cyber Security domains
  • Delivered through personal computer or mobile
  • Ability to deliver specific content based on ad-hoc requirements
  • Ready made content for Cyber Security Awareness, Privacy, Business Continuity
  • Ability to sign-off the internal cybersecurity policies & processes
  • Options for training third-party staff or consultants
  • Maintains records as per regulatory requirements
  • Re-certification option when certification or 1 year of training is completed
  • Policy acceptance module helps in getting the policy accepted by employees
  • Built-in Quiz maintains the scoring

Online Policy Acceptance

Organisations create policies such as Acceptable Usage Policy, Business Continuity Plan, Code of Conduct etc. but how do we ensure that the policies are read by employees and they understand the essence of the statements? The Policy acceptance module helps the organisations to create policy acceptance campaign and send to internal or external consultants to accept the policy.

  • Helps the organisations to release the policy documents to employees quickly
  • Helps to publish new policies and revisions to the entire organisation or a specific audience
  • Get the policies accepted by a third party, consultants or contract employees
  • Maintain the records of policy acceptance digitally.

Online Cyber Quiz Games (Periodic or One Time)

Cyber Security awareness is a continuous exercise. The learning assessment and content updation must be done periodically. Online Cyber Quiz games helps to create a buzz in the organisation to increase awareness across the employees and keep them aware about Cyber Risks and importance to be vigilant always. The quiz is conducted through an online system and is effective in generating a buzz in the organisation through leader boards in a competitive manner.

  • Ability to conduct Cyber Quiz Game as an event with emailers, announcements, prizes
  • Achieve High level of engagement and competition from people
  • Creates substantial awareness about cyber security importance at workplace
  • Events can be conducted periodically

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