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24x7 Expert Cyber Security Monitoring | SoC as a Service in India and UAE | SoC as a Service

CyberNX SOC will be able to monitor the risks associated with digitization and detect attacks and prevent security incidents before they disrupt an organization's operations.

Detect And Respond to Cyber Threats | Peregrine SoC as a service | 24x7 Threats Monitoring | Peregrine SoC

Our Peregrine SOC-as-a-Service actively protects the full spectrum of your IT infrastructure, including data centers, private clouds, servers, databases, networks, and applications.

What Is SOC As A Service And How Does It Work? | What Is SOC As A Service And How Does It Work?

Businesses may have a team of cybersecurity professionals to monitor, detect, and investigate threats across their whole organisation with SOC as a Service, which is positioned as a managed service option.



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