SOC as a Service

With the increase of digitisation, adoption of cloud computing, organisations will face new security challenges. A good security operations centre will be able to monitor the risks associated with digitisation and detect attacks and prevent security incidents before they disrupt an organisation's operations. CyberNX's SOC-as-a-service (Managed SOC) is specifically suitable for organisations that want to have an in-depth understanding, continuous visibility of activities within their network, both on-premise and in the cloud, so that they are able to respond immediately to possible threats.

CyberNX SOC SoC as a Service Features

  • 24/7 expert security monitoring at an affordable price
  • Actionable intelligence, enabling internal IT teams to effectively and quickly resolve issues
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements - RBI, SEBI etc.
  • Full visibility into event logs with an intuitive web-based portal, powerful reporting, dashboards and drill-down analytics
  • Cloud-based deployment with very limited software or hardware costs
  • Advanced technology based on machine learning capabilities and power of an open source
  • Continuous engagement with the customer to improve the services, review the quality of service delivered

Continuous Threat Defence

Security breaches can come from many sources, and can be difficult to detect for weeks or months after infiltration. Modern attackers are capable of systematically pinpointing security weaknesses, all the while covering their tracks as they move on to penetrate the other critical IT assets.

We use next generation SIEM technologies, threat intelligence feeds and tools to to identify the early stages of these attacks before breaches result in loss of data or mis-use of your infrastructure. Our SoC team is equipped to identify threats and potential security exploits using leading technologies like multi-vector event correlation techniques, asset modelling, user profiling, and threat intelligence.

This enables us to detect:

  • Suspicious login attempts into applications or infrastructure
  • After-hours access by a systems administrator
  • User ID changes or attempts to mask user identity
  • Suspicious VPN activities
  • Brute-force attempt
  • Web Application Attacks
  • Denial of Service attacks etc.

CyberNX SoC Platform Highlights

CyberNX SoC Operations is designed to ingest millions of logs, however, detect relevant alerts or incidents are identified to take action manually or automatically using SOAR capabilities. This increases the efficiency of the SoC platform and also reduces false positives.


Key Elements of CyberNX SoC

Full Visibility into the logs of the organisation and analysis provides a real-time summary of the state of your organisations security posture with following key components:

  • Security Operational dashboards
  • Compliance Reports
  • Drill-down analytics
  • Role-based and user-based views
  • Case management

Key Features of CyberNX SoC

  • Behaviour analytics and dynamic threat model based
  • Ability to process structured and unstructured data in real time
  • Self learning ability to protect from future threats
  • Ability to facilitate threat hunting
  • Deep incident analysis capability in the platform
  • Automatic remediation capabilities built-in

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