Business Process Outsourcing Risk Assessment

The assessment takes care of detailed assessment of business processes being executed from the offshore environment. Our assessment team starts with a detailed checklist for different information security domains to be assessed as per the client's engagement with the third party. Depending upon the type of engagement, criticality of a vendor, type of information or data handled a remote assessment or onsite assessment scope is agreed with the client. The reports are focussed on risks present in the third party engagement

Software as a Service (SaaS)

The controls implemented on the cloud environment right from infrastructure, applications and operational aspects are assessed. As FinTech ecosystem is growing and amazing technologies are being developed, data from large businesses are flowing to these FinTech environments. Implementing and maintaining security controls are FinTech's responsibility however are they really able to achieve the objectives? The audit focuses on this aspect very clearly. The assessment takes care of Technology and Process controls required to handle the multi-tenant eco-system of the cloud service provider or SaaS vendor.

IT Vendors, Contracts

Are the vendors handling the support processes from a secure environment as per best practices and organisations policies and terms defined? This type of assessment can be onsite or offshore depending upon the contract with the vendor. The recent examples have proved that IT vendor's network or applications are being used by cyber criminals to target large business houses. Such attacks are often successful since the IT vendors may not have sufficient information security controls to protect the environment from sophisticated and targeted attacks. Depending upon the scope of the engagement, the assessment focuses on controls implemented in the IT vendor's environment.

SaaS Application Assessment

Business Process Outsourcing Risk Assessment

IT Vendors Risk Assessment

Small Utility Vendor Assessments

Experience & Trained Specialists

Well defined Process, Templates

Detailed Discussion with Clients

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