Work From Home Solutions

Handling Covid-19 situation has been challenging for all organisations. CyberNX has been helping organisations to adopt the new norm and put in place technologies to enable their workforce to work efficiently. The services include technologies required to enable a safe working environment and also consulting services to build the required processes to prepare the organisation.

Work From Home Solutions

Our work from solutions are designed to enable the workforce to efficiently work from home or office according to the flexibility the company needs to enable.

While the employees are enabled to work from home, it is important to consider the security of devices and data. CyberNX provides these solutions as managed service so that organisations do not have to go through the evaluation and implementation cycle and can be started using immediately.

Under the program, CyberNX currently provides the following solutions:

  • Employee productivity & monitoring
  • Data Leak Prevention
  • Anti-Malware solutions
  • External Asset Security Monitoring

Since the security technologies today continuously evolve and upgrade, it is important to maintain a trained workforce to maintain them. CyberNX maintains trained manpower to monitor and maintain the technologies.

Process Engineering

CyberNX helps the organisations to build processes to support the work-from-home situations and requirements as per security best practices.

As the organisations are adopting work-from-home solutions and enabling employees, consultants and third parties to connect from home and unmonitored networks, it is important that the existing infrastructure, applications and processes are aligned to the new challenges.

CyberNX undertakes the following services to prepare the organisation:

  • Cloud Application Security
  • Network security review
  • Awareness for Employees
  • Third Party Risks
  • Policies and Processes
  • Audit & Regulatory Compliance

We employ trained specialists from different areas to implement best practices in the customer environment. This helps the customers to optimally use the security investments and comply with internal and regulatory policies.

Business Continuity Consulting

Covid-19 situation made organisations to take business continuity seriously. Implementing a business continuity framework is very critical to an organisation.

CyberNX's trained BCP professionals can take the organisation through a business continuity framework implementation journey very quickly. The framework will help the organisation to quickly adapt to the changing situations.

CyberNX helps the organisations in the following areas:

  • Business Impact Assessment
  • Functional Recovery Plans
  • Disaster Recovery Plans
  • Business Continuity Policy
  • BCP & DR Testing

A well crafted business continuity and disaster recovery practice will help the organisation to minimise the business disruptions. We work very closely with an organisation's business functions to create a practice business continuity framework.