DR as a Service

DR as a Service

No organization is immune from a disaster. Whether your organization is a small-to-medium-size business or international enterprise, losing critical data or customer information can cause severe damage. You cannot function without access to your most crucial data for an extended period. By combining backup computer software technology with a reliable IT disaster recovery strategy, you will stay up and running. Cloud disaster recovery allows keeping entire virtual environments ready, reducing the recovery time from a business disruption to minutes or even seconds.

CyberNX disaster recovery service delivers quick failover of your critical workloads to the cloud, improving your business continuity capabilities. Ensure data availability of all critical workloads making your infrastructure more resilient and cost-efficient.


  • Mitigating risk, such as snapshots or mirror copy failure and corruption, human error, hardware failure, or poorly documented communication.
  • Minimizing downtime: keeping your business online!
  • Insuring against natural disasters by having geographic diversity: storing copies of your data in several locations.
  • Having the ability to withstand human error or physical impact on a production environment.
  • Limit the effect on the business or downstream customers.

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