Red Team Exercise

Red Team Exercise

Red team exercises are a critical part of any effective security strategy. Ideally, these exercises help identify weaknesses in the process, technologies, and pinpoint security gaps and other access vulnerabilities that may exist.

Red teams use a spread of techniques and tools to take advantage of gaps within the safety architecture. For example, the role of a hacker, a red team member may infect the host with malware to deactivate security controls or use social engineering techniques to steal credentials. After a Red Teaming exercise, we provide strategic recommendations to address risk areas and identify key focus areas for improvement.

Our Red Team Exercise can help you:

  • Experience, assess, and remediate a real-world breach attempt in a controlled environment.
  • Identify and protect your most crucial assets and vulnerabilities.
  • Reduce your response time to events and incidents.

Red team activities include:

  • Penetration testing during which a red team member attempts to access the system employing a sort of real-world techniques.
  • X`Social engineering tactics, which aim to control employees or other network members into sharing, disclosing, or creating network credentials.
  • Intercepting communication to map the network or gain more information about the environment to circumvent common security techniques.
  • Cloning an administrator’s access cards to realize entry to unrestricted areas.


  • Identify vulnerabilities in applications and systems.
  • Discover weaknesses in your development and testing processes.
  • Better training for defensive practitioners, for example your SOC
  • Assess security performance levels, including systems, people, and processes.
  • Understand the impact of a security breach.
  • Measure the resilience of your organisation’s cyber defence.
  • Collect evidence to justify security spending.

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