Source Code Review

Source Code Review

The world of software has become very competitive, and you need to be sure about every line of code that you write and be certain that it will run on all the latest browsers.

CyberNX provides source code review services throughout the lifecycle of a project to ensure higher-quality code for your products and solutions, enhancing maintainability, security, and scalability by ensuring timely, regular, and consistent code review practices throughout the product/application development lifecycle.

To detect insecure code techniques, injection flaws, cross-site scripting flaws, unsecured handling of external resources, and bad cryptography, we employ a combination of scanning technologies and manual examination.

  • Easily detect flaws through code analysis and avoid the need to send test data to the application or software
  • Uncover vulnerabilities and detect attack surfaces that automated code scans miss using security code reviews to detect weak algorithms and spot insecure coding practices.
  • Satisfy industry regulations and compliance standards including PCI DSS standards.

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