Cloud Security Monitoring

Cloud Security Monitoring

Ever-increasing cyber threats require an on-going monitoring and management discipline for which many organizations are not equipped. CyberNX Cloud Security Monitoring provides continuous risk visualization and security assessment across AWS and Azure environments, ensuring that your organization has clarity on cloud risk profiles on a constant basis.

CyberNX provides a cutting-edge cloud security monitoring solution that gives you everything you need in one place. CyberNX can easily integrate and provide monitoring capabilities for AWS and Azure. We rely on intelligent, machine learning capabilities to get to the root of the problem quickly and reliably.


  • Enables more accurate assumptions about the past to stop future successful attacks.
  • Enhances security posture beyond compliance into a best practice solution for proactive and predictive threat management.
  • Ensures best practices when configuring cloud environments.
  • Helps pinpoint threat sources and follow attack vectors.
  • Saves many man-hours spent gathering critical data by hand.

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